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16R Firenze presents the new collection WINTER 03

16R Firenze presents the new collection WINTER 03, that identify the release but not the year, as the designer Romina Caponi usually does.

The jersey and the wire are the only way of communication inside of the collection, that plays with colors changes and transparency and creates an intersection of lines and different knit stitches games.

Contrasts and contraries as the source of resource and style, elements that have always characterized the focus of the collection. YIN (black) and YANG (white) are the energy of the inspiration, day becomes night and night becomes day. 16R Firenze is aimed at a modern and cosmopolitan woman, who loves mixing colors and shapes and playing with the weight of clothes and their seasons.

The production recover ancient twist that rediscovers old crafts with viscose spun in lurex, cashmere, wool and mohair exclusively made in Italy with handcrafted and machine embroidered production. The new Romina Caponi project proposes the search of “ the beauty of the opposite” with the “key element of knot and twist as a message of cohesion, beauty and straight”.

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