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A brilliant design accessory that improves the quality of life


More and more often, we talk about eco-sustainability, recycling and conservation of the environment. In reality, we are precipitously approaching a point of no return, where the earth will have a global collapse.
It is estimated that 700,000 people will die in 2030 from air pollution. This disturbing, but realistic scenario was seen in the new report of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate.
In reality today, we are facing a crossroads, where it is still possible to make a choice and make it correctly.

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In the era of social communication, it is no longer enough to add likes, but to become aware, conscious and act responsibly regarding all our daily actions, to preserve the earth and therefore our health.

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Alexander Hjertström of Swedish origin, co-founder and CEO of Airinum, after a trip to India in 2014, discovered that those distant lands, full of wonderful colors and scents, actually hid unclean air, very different from the healthy air instead in Sweden. Back in his country of origin and after sharing his experience of bad breathing in India with his friend Fredrik Kempe, co-founder and CMO of Airinum, they decide to create a necessary accessory for everyone and that is, at the same time, characterized by design, hygienic and pleasant to wear.

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Thus Airinum was created in 2015, which brilliantly identified the serious problem, apparently invisible, of healthy and clean breathing.
The ingenious idea of this young brand was to create an accessory useful for everyone and that could even change the way of dressing.

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They design and produce facemasks that filter the air. The design of their masks is modern and comfortable and made with the highest quality materials; their masks also allow excellent hygiene of the same accessory to always ensure perfect functioning.

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Airinum masks are equipped with an innovative exhalation valve developed and designed in Sweden, which acts with a ventilation system for the mask, removes the moisture generated from breathing, heat and carbon dioxide.

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The side elastic bands allow an easy and above all comfortable fit and the exclusive anatomical design of this brand also ensures utmost lightness and comfort in wearing it.

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Fredrik Kempe Co-Founder and CMO & Alexander Hjertström Co-Founder and CEO of Airinum

Available in various colors and models, you can buy the mask that best suits your needs directly on their official website. Airinum masks are so pleasant to wear and necessary for our health that they are already on sale in over 60 countries in the world.

Info Contact: Airinum

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