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A "brilliant" experience to celebrate mid-August


Founded in 2016 Arion 1725® has revolutionized the style of glassware.
Having concluded a partnership with Swarovski®, the world's leading supplier of high quality crystals, Arion 1725® uses high precision machinery to make champagne cups (and not only) enriched with crystal explosions on the stem and cup of each item.

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The inaugural collection, entitled Marqués de Povar®, consists of six elegant pieces, from wine glasses to champagne flutes to decanters, embellished with over 80 Swarovski® crystals.

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The founder Joaquin Fernandez de Cordova Hohenlohe, Duke of Arion from which the namesake of the brand, successful man, is born, has understood how luxury has evolved and how consumers are always in search of personalized products.

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Hence the idea of creating unique flutes and champagne glasses, to embellish and illuminate the perlage of champagne and wine that enhance a culinary experience.

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