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A Century of excellence and passion by Damiani

Damiani is unveiling an exclusive trip through the history of Italian creativity and the secrets of fine manufacturing in the notable exhibition “A Century of excellence and passion. The evolution of Italian tradition through Damiani’s jewelry” at Palazzo Reale, Milan, until 18 April 2017. A project with great cultural value, retracing the most significant stages in the evolution of Italian traditions, displaying the precious creations of the company brought together for the first time.

Damiani has staged an exhibition concept of great impact to accompany the visitor in the discovery of Italian savoir-faire through the company’s jewels, one of the finest testimonies of Italian goldsmith’s art in the world. The unique pieces are the result of the passion and skilled craftsmanship that the company founder passed on to his grandchildren Guido, Giorgio and Silvia Damiani, just as the master goldsmiths have passed them on to the new generations.

Damiani presents an artistic heritage of exceptional value in the exhibition with an evocative path through the Sale degli Arazzi on the Piano Nobile of the Palazzo, which once housed the royal apartments. The history of Italian traditions is unveiled, epoch by epoch, through the company’s jewelry and the masterpieces that received the most authoritative awards in jewelry. It concludes with a sophisticated and unexpected tribute to Queen Margherita, the first sovereign of united Italy, who often lived in Palazzo Reale during her reign.

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