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A collection to love by Bruno Caruso

The next year collection "Je T’aime" was shown at the Grand Excelsior Hotel of Naples to more than 500 guests.

The fashion show for the Haute Couture collection 2018 by the Neapolitan fashion designer Bruno Caruso at the Grand Hotel Excelsior of Naples was an unprecedented success.

Both press and guests welcomed enthusiastically this collection showing both the flavour of ancient tradition and the Neapolitan couturiers skill and artistry.

This haute couture collection, including evening, formal and wedding dresses is both classic and up-to date, simple and sophisticated. Bruno Caruso excelled himself by designing 35 dresses where his creativity is combined with fine handwork so realising a dreamy collection that doesn’t follow any trend.

 Not only workmanship but also his cuts retrace the history of the haute couture, finding inspiration both in the style of his master Fausto Sarli - who left him with an indelible imprinting - and in the last century great couturiers cuts, adding modern fabrics and materials.

Bruno Caruso’s 27 years of experience explode in these dresses where reinvented and classic embroideries, as well as modern and evergreen cuts, can be found. Ancient techniques  - everything is hand-sewn - and ancient materials like horsehair, bring us back to the elegant women of the 60s, without forgetting evolution, womes’s modernity and new materials. For just one dress, dozens of metres of fabric, thousands of paillettes and small crystals to enlight brides , but also transparency and feathers for evening dresses are used.

Sparkling effects are found in his bags - fancyful pochettes having original shapes -, in brooches, in the precious frogging of jackets and in hair accessories.

The coiffures realised by Alessandro Gaglione are simple and elegant, as well as the make-up by Ortensia Tropeano who enlighted, with mastery and simplicity, the faces of the models who walked down the beautiful hall of Mirrors and Columns of the Escelsior Hotel, where the stage was designed by Cinzia D’Onofrio, interior designer and founder of Il Fregio.

The number of guests exceeded the 500 seats that had been arranged but they all joined in a standing ovation for the  Neapolitan couturier. Among his guests there were his friends coming from Paris: Amy Bello, owner of the “African Lounge” Restaurant in Paris, Ms Yââ Nso Thiam, daughter of the Minister of Information of the Ivory Coast, Marième Sav Sow, N’dèye Thiam-Djibo, accompanied by Kareem Fadika and Bernard Gbohougnon. From Milan Giovanna Roveda and Giovanni Sparacio together with the wedding planner Cira Lombardo, the Neapolitan actress Pasqualina Sanna and many entrepreneurs and regular customers from everywhere in Italy.

The first 18 dresses of the collection Je T’aime were shown by Caruso in June at the Arab Fashion Week of Dubai. In August, the shooting at the Plaza in Paris was made and at the end of that month the preview in Venice, at Palazzo Contarini Polignac, was organised on the occasion of the Venice Film Festival.

About Bruno Caruso

A luxury craftsman: this is how Bruno Caruso defines himself. He was born in Naples but was educated in Milan Accademia di Brera, and in Rome, Accademia delle Belle Arti where, in the 80s, he attended stages with the most famous fashion designer like Valentino and the Neapolitan Fausto Sarli. His international training ended up with an unforgettable stage at the Paris maison of Jean Louis Scherrer where only six young fashion designer were accepted.

The style of Fausto Sarli is deeply embedded in his heart, with him he shares the cuts and the asymmetries of his creations. This legacy of workmanship makes Bruno Caruso a descendant of the real Neapolitan couture school.

He is a couturier and a craftsman, with a strong love for luxury and precious materials that pushed him to design and realise original eveningwear and bridal dresses. 

In the last 27 years, Bruno Caruso has been making clothes for women from all over the world who appreciate and choose his creations, not only from Italy but also from Europe and Middle East.

The Maison is located in Naples, a real salon in the elegant area of Chiaja, and Bruno Caruso personally welcomes his customers. 

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