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A daring living sensation


PullCast is a multifaceted luxury brand that is innovating the jewelry, hardware and luxury worlds, showcasing its distinct collections that aim to enhance the homes of them clients with their exclusive statement pieces.

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PullCast was born digging deep into the wonders of nature by a jeweler and a designer, which adore collecting objects from outdoor experiences.

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Crossing the worlds of jewelry and design only led to a path of exploring new aesthetic design approaches with architectural and artistic strong influences.

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Expect to find diverse ranges of styles on collectable sculptural hardware, wide spreading a sense of rarity and legacy, grounded by ancient forms of craft.

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As artists, they are dedicated to crafts and surrounded with craftsmen with great expertise, passionate about their art and your art.

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A true atelier, in search of the most high-quality materials and processes to translate exquisiteness and exceptionality to their jewelry.

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Effortlessly they craft handmade customization, treasuring the creation of a bond with thier customers. PullCast is handcrafted in Portugal and sold worldwide, they actively combine the use of noble materials with artisanal skills and techniques, favoring distinction.

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Credit: PullCast

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