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A dream car for your wedding

For the wedding day, there are a thousand preparations to make really special this romantic day how the choise of a rental car that must reflect the taste of the bride and groom. Tap the groom decide which car, mostly white, rented at the many dealers that offer this service and then, according to the bouquet that did deliver in the morning to his beloved but without exaggeration because these rental cars with drivers are already beautiful especially if they're vintage cars.

It's the car that goes to pick up the bride to conduct the ceremony and after the location of the reception. Must be really special. Better choose it together to avoid disappointment to the bride.

For the bride and groom who enjoy the grandeur the must is a limousine on which exchange the first toast after the ceremony; for those more young, smart and easy going so sets the classic Mini Cooper, a classic Beetle or the iconic vintage Cinquecento.

The Roll Royce remains absolutely a cult, especially in marriage more upper class, while for those who love the cinema and the United States of America a Cadillac Eldorado convertible is the perfect dream car.

For the couple who love the atmosphere of the Seventies and have a hippie heart can be rented the legendary Limobus for a wedding in style Peace and Love and, finally, for those who love the supercar and race cars there is only a name: Ferrari Testarossa, to feel like celebrities and impress all the guests present.


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