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A happy marriage needs fortune: look at these international rituals and traditions

Love and passion, but also a lot of luck are very important for a happy marriage as evidenced by the many traditions which is said to bring good to the bride and groom. Some example?

In Italy ever get married on a tuesday or friday. Also it says "wet bride, lucky bride" because the rain is, like the classic rice launch, the abundance that we hope falls on bride and groom, while in Greece the bride must put a sugar cube in the gloves because the Union is sweeter than ever. In England, in addition to the classic wear something used, something new, something blue, something borrowed and something of a gift, it recommends all brides not to marry on Saturday while in Holland they plant a pine tree in your back yard, on the day of marriage because they believe bring fertility and health to the newlyweds.

Finally the wedding ring, worn to the left finger because a centuries-old tradition says that there have a small artery connected directly to the heart, while in Spain and in many countries of Central and Eastern Europe it leads right.

Bizarre traditions, but if the choices are betting, a wedding is a bell gambling gambling and playing d with your heart a bit of luck always serves. 

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