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A Londra Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams

2019 will be a very interesting year from the point of view of the exhibitions dedicated to the great protagonists of fashion and as always the Victoria & Albert Museum in London stands out as a flagship in hosting absolutely memorable retrospectives. Brilliant ideas, perfect location, stunning set-ups and a way of communicating fashion as living material, lifeblood and faithful reflection of the changes in our society. Each exhibition always makes the point but it is never a point, if anything a point at the head that suggests that there is always a to be continued, as what is on display is never crystallized in a time gone, but if anything signs the step of what will be because it is so inspirational that it can not not generate the New.

So it will certainly be for the long-awaited exhibition "Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams" to be held from next February 2 to July 14, 2019 at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London that hosts

the most complete retrospective ever made to date in the UK on the legendary Parisian couturier.

On show his revolutionary thinking still en marche, alive, fluid through the time that can not contain the explosive scope still able to speak to us in a clear and decisive, suggestionando, delighting us at the sight of such masterpieces that anyone really loves Fashion would like to have in his personal wardrobe because Christian Dior remains, paraphrasing Stanley Kubrick, "a man for all seasons" because his clothes are not just pieces of cloth assembled but live on their own life, chaining our senses yesterday as today.

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