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A Made in Tuscany excellence


There are stories told, written on books or painted on canvas. There are timeless professions that, from generation to generation, have been handed down the most intimate secrets and love for their work.

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There are real Made in Italy realities that are not as famous as the great brand of the fashion system, but these realities, perhaps less known to the general public, are the real protagonists of the elegance and beauty of Italian style, a luxury icon. and design in the world.
If we combine these thoughts then let's talk about INVERNI FIRENZE 1892.

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This brand, more than being a Made in Italy, is pure "Made in Tuscany", because it is rooted in the wonderful Tuscan territory, where they have been able to pass down their noble work from generation to generation, always adapting to the ages and fashions, so much so that production of hats was then also passed on to knitting for women and men, using the same noble yarns used for the production of hats.

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In every season INVERNI FIRENZE 1892 has been able to present collections of hats and knitwear always of excellent quality, yes ... because in the this family, the yarns are all rigorously selected, preferring the best natural fibers: from cashmere to alpaca, from linen to silk, raw materials that nature can give us and that this extraordinary brand uses with total respect for the environment.

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The colors of INVERNI FIRENZE 1892 collections are delicate, but with a decisive, unequivocal character characteristic of the brand, where the accuracy of the stitch of the shirt, the choice of natural fibers and the elegant style are the keywords of the brand, capable of translating with their collections a lifestyle, made of elegance and luxury.

INVERNI FIRENZE 1892 15 01 20 6

INVERNI FIRENZE 1892 also collaborates with prestigious luxury companies on the international scene who have been able to choose this historic Made in Tuscany reality as their reference point to guarantee a product of quality, elegance and style 100%.

Images Credit: INVERNI FIRENZE 1892

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