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A magic journey with Federica Tosi

Federica  Tosi  is  a  label  founded  in  2016  by  the  designer, focused  on  an  innovative  and  extremely contemporary overview of women's clothing. A new concept of Made in Italy -supported by a broad and analysis  of  the  product  and  market  requirements-where  craftsmanship  and  design  find  concrete expression  in  minimalist  jewelry  pieces  and  sophisticated  and  eclectic  clothes,  with  a  strong  urban connotation,  as  the  result  of  a  collaboration  with  the  apulian  company  DG  Group  and  a  research  on materials:  technical  fabrics,  along  with  silk  and  fine  leather  for  clothings  marked  by  an  unconventional, metropolitan  "luxurious" attitude,emphasized  also  by  jewels  dipped  in  gold  embellished  with  Swarovski crystals, essential elements to complete any look. The inspiration of the entire stylistic process comes from the journeys of the designer, essential source of insights.

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