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A new light ignites the tradition of Made in Italy


At times when everything seems to go out around, a lamp can have a new light thanks to the values it reflects: harmony of form, uniqueness of manual work, tradition understood as inheritance.
The idea is translated into the stylization of the man and the woman with a tapered turned wooden bust for him, cylindrical for her.

TEdo 8 4 20 2

The nervous system is visible thanks to the colored electric cable which, passing through the glass tube in the shape of a head, carries the current necessary to switch on the bulb, the symbol of the intellect.
Thanks to the customization of the color of the cable and the shape of the light bulb, choosing a TE&Do Design lamp is like choosing never to turn off the design in your own home.

TEdo 8 4 20 3


TE&Do Design is an Italian brand that promotes a new culture of beauty of everyday objects through the design and production of lights made entirely in Italy by expert wood and glass craftsmen.
A language, a philosophy, a positive lifestyle in which the design of the lamps is conceived to evoke emotions and offer a feeling of well-being.

© TE&Do Design

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