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A new three-dimensionality


Sportmax recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the brand's birth, an important milestone made of unstoppable success over the years.

Sportmax 10 4 20 2

During the fashion week at the presentation of the FW 2020 collection Grazia Malagoli, Sportmax's creative director has once again conquered the public thanks to a new dimension with the FW 2020 collection that releases modernity and elegance.

Sportmax 10 4 20 3

The clothes seem to move in a new three-dimensionality, abandoning the idea of a "double-sided", revolving around a Silhouette that endlessly starts where it ends.

Sportmax 10 4 20 4

The result? Perfect clothes that give a unique and sophisticated modernity, simplified by an elegance that distinguishes the brand that from season to season can guarantee a style and luxury of the real Made in Italy, sought after and appreciated all over the world.

Courtesy of ©SPORTMAX

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