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A passion without limits


Charbel Zoé is a young Lebanese designer.
His wish to follow his true passion for creating dresses, they pushed him to France in Paris, where he collaborated with international fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen, Elie Saab and Givenchy.

Charbel Zoe 22 10 19 2

His research to create unique and elegant dresses has acclaimed him as one of the most interesting promises of the international fashion system scene.

Charbel Zoe 22 10 19 3

Precious are the embroideries in every one of his dresses and his desire for perfection give him the title of true couturier.

Charbel Zoe 22 10 19 4

During the Arab Fashion Week presented his collection of evening dresses where tulle, silks and chiffon have invaded the catwalk in all their beauty and elegance, which make this brand an icon of style and luxury.

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