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A perfect balance between shapes and design


As Stefania Tortella likes to define herself, her jewelry creations are "tailored architecture".

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Stkreo is the name of her brand that creates and produces unique pieces, all strictly handmade, where the passion of design and fashion are in perfect harmony with each other, giving life to modern, unique and rare beauty jewels.

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The study of the shape, its perfect balance, the choice of the materials used, all rigorously sustainable, are the result of unique jewelry collections and the result of a deep research that Stefania never leaves to chance, but blends with extraordinary elegance and beauty , giving life to jewelry with its own identity and style.

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Once again the ingenuity and skill of "Made in Italy" designers such as Stefania Tortella are able to offer works of art of style, elegance and originality on the market ... all wearing.

© Stkreo

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