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A personal multiculturalism by Stella Jean

Stella Jean’s style reflects and evokes her métissage and Creole heritage, in which the cultures from the old continent blend with the proud verve of the new continent. This marriage of opposites creates an ensemble that is tuned-in to its own precious uniqueness. Convergence and exchange are the fundamental points of origin, sustained by the need to convey a new concept of multiculturalism applied to fashion, which promotes cultural crossover without ever compromising one’s own identity.

The principles of an intentional, but never ostentatious, elegance are developed and expressed through sharp Italian artisanal tailoring. A mood whose uniqueness is revealed as a reflection of the designer’s personal multiculturalism, translated into her veritable signature style. A balance is maintained while simultaneously assimilating and transcending diametrically opposed cultures. A symbol of how appearances can deceive and then become the benchmark.

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