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A sea of wonder, the new Carla Foca's collection


There are emotions and memories that are indelible over time.
There are some experiences that mark our character or our path. There are passions that timidly occupy our feelings.

carla 2 fish collection

The story of Carla Foca is all of this. Her brand of luxury shoes, all rigorously handcrafted, contain an unstoppable passion, with the desire to always create and regenerate an exclusive shoe.
Her deep experience in art and her extraordinary artistic ability have allowed her to create a new beautiful collection of women's shoes inspired by the fantastic marine animal world.

carla 3 fish collection

Her brand draws inspiration from nature and from nature Carla starts again.
Colorful, elegant, witty and certainly unique, all rigorously hand-painted, the new Carla Foca's collection explodes in such vitality and originality that it will surely become the "must have" of every woman's wardrobe of style and elegance.

carla 4 fish collection

The wonderful story of Carla and her brand is also collected in 10 episodes that the designer wanted to share with her fans. From reading all the episodes, available on her fan page at, one perceives how much the designer gives off delicacy, creativity and uniqueness that are the DNA of a true artist.

carla 5 fish collection

So you just have to choose one of the beautiful "FISH COLLECTION" shoes on

The shoes for sale online are all unique and unrepeatable pieces, an opportunity not to be missed to guarantee an exclusive and original work of art.

© Carla Foca

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