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A signature style


Combining tonal pencil drawing with highlights of delicate hand embroidery and beading, Susannah Weiland creates hand crafted wall art. These designs are transformed into surface patterns for luxury wallpaper, textiles, bone china and other interior items. Inspired by nature, each collection is based on the wildlife and surroundings in a particular location.



Susannah Weiland 27 3 20 2

After completing her BA in Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University, Susannah pursued a career in the fashion industry for 20 years as a textile and graphic designer. Her textile prints have been sold worldwide and she has designed for a range of private labels, studios, designers, agents and retailers.

Susannah Weiland 27 3 20 3

Being a keen photographer and with an interest in many creative mediums, Susannah experimented with different ideas until she came up with a unique way to combine her two favourites, pencil drawing and hand embroidery, which led her to develop her signature style.

Susannah Weiland 27 3 20 4

© Susannah Weiland

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