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YLY Studio is a Hong Kong fashion brand, where in their laboratory the extraordinary fashion collections are born, thanks to the will and farsightedness of Lilian Tsang Lai Yu and Matt Hui Yip Long.

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Embroidery is a real art, which is not learned on books, but which is built from an uncontrollable passion ... unconditional and which needs to know the most ancient secrets.

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Lilian Tsang Lai Yu has this passion and, after several awards received by the most important authorities in Hong Kong in the fashion industry, she was selected, at the prestigious ECOLE LESAGE, to acquire the most ancient embroidery techniques. Today she teaches and hands down these ancient techniques to young talents and transmits them her passion, ancient and refined, that only a few have the ability to apply them as Lilian Tsang Lai Yu.

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Matt Hui Yip Long is the second soul of the brand, also after having collaborated with major brands in Hong Kong and, thanks to his experience, he has the ability to translate her impulsive talent to create modern and young clothes in a key of everything modern and elegant.

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The partnership between Lilian Tsang Lai Yu and Matt Hui Yip Long, who gave life to their brand YLY Studio and modeled during Arab Fashion Week, seems to be a promising response to the global demands of young people who are looking for a young style in fashion , but structured, modern, sophisticated, but with style and class, modernity and sophistication without a doubt YLY Studio can guarantee.

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