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A symphony of colors

Rich with inspirations for the look of the parties, including velvets, glitter and decidedly glamorous accessories, the new collection by Giorgia Arcidiacono is inspired by Kandinsky's tyranny of colors and her artistic journey that winds between an expressive spiritualistic need and the search for a form freed from the outer world. The designer starts from this world to explore the emotionality of the colors and the geometries of the shapes that represent the key elements of the new collection and influence the concept of the dress that becomes the means of expression. In art as in fashion, the dress becomes the expedient to be able to enter a dimension without time and without border, creating ethereal connections between the various elements. The silhouettes become wide, soft and flowing allowing freedom in movements and creating elegant synergies between colors and volumes.

The color palette recalls the abstract shades of Kandinsky's works with fairy-like nuances ranging from green to red to ocher yellow, brushing the fabrics as if they were artistic works. Unique hats in fabric and dresses made with the moulage technique complete the collection and are the expression of high Italian tailoring that together with the obsessive attention to details represent the distinctive signs of the creations signed by Giorgia Arcidiacono.

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