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A touch of style and luxury


An accessory today has a difficult place in the market if you do not have the ability to offer something different, something that is beyond the traditional accessory.
The philosophy of the BOYY brand has fully achieved this aspect, aimed at the top, balancing its style between femininity as opposed to a masculine style.

Un tocco di stile e di lusso 18 8 19 3

With a new interpretation of luxury, the designer Jesse Dorsey, of Montreal, and Wannasiri Kongman have been able to translate these aspects into exclusive and unique accessories, both for the design and for the high quality of the materials used.

Un tocco di stile e di lusso 18 8 19 4

Launched in 2006, the BOYY brand immediately conquered the market, distinguishing itself not only for the perfect manufacture of their accessories, but also for having been able to guarantee an accessory with its own stylistic identity, modern and elegant.
This philosophy also gave birth to footwear collections that crowned the success of the now consolidated brand.

Un tocco di stile e di lusso 18 8 19 2  

Today, sold all over the world, BOYY is synonymous with style and luxury, always offering an accessory of a timeless fashion that offers a touch of exclusive glamor for any occasion.

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