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A witty play of colors and contrasting lights


We often want to surround ourselves with positive emotions, because these make us happy and allow us to spend a better life.

Ashish 18 2 20 2

We are always curious looking for objects or people with whom we are comfortable so that our soul can feel better.
The Ashish FW 2020 collection presented during London Fashion Week represents all this.

Ashish 18 2 20 3

The collection is pure joy, light, it gives an insatiable emotion to wear its garments which on the catwalk are a true triumph of colors and joy.

Ashish 18 2 20 4

Floral compositions, sequins, polka dots and zebra stripes on the fabrics seem to be a witty play of colors and contrasting lights, which with their seductive and harmonious malice are the positive emotion we want to wear, so that even a dress can be, not just a simple one dress to wear, but also the way to live our daily life with positivity without renouncing the elegance and femininity of which every woman is a royal teacher.

Ashish 18 2 20 5


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