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A wondrous diversity


Born in Beirut and raised in Dubai, Nathalie Trad earned a bachelor’s degree from Esmod International in Paris, after she then relocated to New York, graduating with a degree in design and management.
Her design process involves questioning everything in her surroundings in an attempt to re-interpret what she already knows, being observational and constantly striving to discover something new.

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Nathalie’s aim is to create innovative, sculptural, wearable works of art that transcend the boundaries of design and speak to your individuality.

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The creations are inspired by the wondrous diversity of nature, using a combination of distinctive materials to create sculptural “objets”.
The Nathalie Trad label is renowned for its innovative use of exquisite seashells, exploring textures and colors from the iridescent paua blue, shimmering mother of pearl, to the stone-like raw outer layer of black tab.

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Leather, wood, resin, and hand-worked metals are juxtaposed alongside the richness of the shells, creating a marriage of seeming incompatible elements that harmonize beautifully.

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