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Aennis Eunis, a mix of culture, luxury and uniqueness

The brand was born from the revisitation of the name of the designer Anas Younis, whose correct pronunciation is Aennis Eunis, for a single reading at an international level. The choice is significant: he wants to evoke his oriental origins, but through a Western vision of luxury and fashion.

Graduated in architecture in 1992, he immediately approached Italy, particularly in Florence, where he lived until he moved to New York. Here, after the master's degree in Industrial Design, he began collaborating with great stylists in the creation of shops and outfits. Shortly thereafter, he designed his own shop and personally took care of buying the collections, forging relationships with the major leather goods in Central Italy. The more he enters the fashion world, the more he understands that he is ready to create his own line. So, in 2011 he founded his brand and a few years later he moved to Milan. It was time for Aennis Eunis.

Anas chooses a very particular way to spread the culture of luxury all over the world: calligraphy. As if, through each creation, he wanted to tell his story and the path that led him to here. From Dubai, passing through New York and arriving in Europe. That mix of cultures, so far but at the same time close, united by the same passion for elegance and particularity.

The calligraphy contains the architectural perfection, the sensuality of the traits that accompany the footwear of his works and the narration of a way of being. A journey started some time ago with the creation of the first pair of shoes for Queen Rania of Jordan - who since then still chooses part of the collection for her exclusive use - and which continues, every day, through the creation of new collections, from precious details and with unique shapes.

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