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Ago, Filo e Poesia, exclusive Made in Italy

Retro allure, Italian high craftsmanship and above all romanticism for the bags and accessories of the brand Ago, Filo e Poesia, born in 2013 and quickly established itself as a refined compromise between vintage and contemporary, in the name of a timeless style that fascinates and seduces at first glance.

The bags, made with careful craftsmanship and a lot of passion by Lisa, founder and creative director of this elegant Treviso brand, have a classic design happily revisited with audacity, which makes each creation absolutely transversal for target customers.

In fact, they like both the Millennials and the ladies accustomed to giving their outfits that extra touch of originality that always makes the difference. Each model is designed to be unique and to make unique the woman who will show off thanks to the successful combination of high-end materials, starting from the fabrics used, the most valuable on the market, but also very rare and ancient, derived from scraps coming from Japan, France and the United States.

The result is exclusive accessories that conquer for their poetic elegance and that make Ago, Filo e Poesia one of the most interesting Italian brands of recent years, for its superb savoir faire and for its aesthetic philosophy which clearly reflects the path very original cultural of the designer. Tradition and experimentation tout court find here a fertile ground to grow together and generate something absolutely new and full of creative authenticity.

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