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Alberta Ferretti esotic vibes

For next spring 2019, in the man collection as well as in the resort, the designer Alberta Ferretti has thought of a collection full of exotic vibrations, inspired by the theme of travel and the more general concept of letting go riding emotional waves at the thought of distant lands. Imagine yourself elsewhere or be elsewhere with the body or only with the mind. To get in tune with this trip, here are tailored garments that make lightness, freshness and flames of color their stylistic character in a collection full of evanescences that mix eccentricity and elegance. The sensuous organza dresses, intertwining and waves of silk fringes, with degraded shades and optical prints with a psychedelic effect are truly remarkable. Their impalpable silhouettes alternate with the rigorous lines of masculine-inspired tuxedos, whose femininity is lit by diamond-cut sequin decorations. A relaxed, ethnic collection, free to start exploring the world. Streetwear and workwear come together in suggestions that reveal a modern curiosity for the world and unexplored territories. Impalpable chiffon and silk design the light lines of the dresses, a sophisticated and minimal night-time.


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