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Alexander McQueen, an extraordinary amazing collection


If you love the things you create, if you respect the land you live in, if you transfer your experience to future generations ... then what you do is simply wonderful.

This is exactly what happened in Alexander McQueen's collection, under the Creative Direction of Sarah Burton.

She has simply involved all the maison's human resources in creating what is perhaps the most amazing collection of this season for the SS 2020.

She recycled lace, organza and tulle from previous seasons. She reinvented old patterns of her and Alexander McQueen's history, she worked with embroidery and tailoring students to create this extraordinary collection. Her dream came true: putting people together to share their work, to reconnect with the world, with an awareness that is aware that the nature around us will continue to give us its magnificence if we know how to respect its balance.

All the dresses in the collection are timeless, each with its own identity and history, each elegantly finished in total respect of the woman's silhouette, her femininity and elegance, but above all in total respect for nature and the land that host us.

Sarah Burton worked mainly with a linen from Northern Ireland and a particular type of flax grown on a female-owned farm, a farm that was home to cattle until recently. She created damasks with the only linen weaver left in Ireland.

The dresses in this collection are certainly a "must have" for the upcoming summer season.

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