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Alexis Mabille, FW 2020-21 Haute Couture Collection


"Given the strange times we are going through, it was clear that I would have to work differently this season. Unlike previous collections, fabrics were the starting point of my creative process.

Alexis Mabille 20 7 20 2

With the global lockdown around the world, we couldn’t order new materials, so I decided to work only with the ones we already had in the atelier, in a sustainable spirit.

Alexis Mabille 20 7 20 3

From there emerged a fascinating exercise in associations of textures and colours, a very enriching experience.

Alexis Mabille 20 7 20 4

I also wanted to dedicate this collection to the joy that is part and parcel of my profession, to the pleasure of creating, to the desire to showcase the know-how of the hands in my atelier.

Alexis Mabille 20 7 20 5

“Attitude” embodies this spirit. Colours form a palette, each connected with a mood, with a sensation. Contrasts are free and happy, hues intense and vibrant. I let my pencil dance on paper, sketching silhouettes — pure without being minimal — that follow the body in its movement, enhancing it and highlighting materials through the needle’s artistry.

Alexis Mabille 20 7 20 6

Jersey kisses curves, fluid chiffon velvet drapes on them, crepe suggests them. Nods to the masculine play with delicate details of laces, embroideries, jewels, and furs.

Alexis Mabille 20 7 20 7

More  than  ever,  elegance  and  sensuality  are  the  red  thread woven throughout this collection, along with my long-held respect and love for the female form. It’s my vision of an attitude, a call for optimism, an invitation to smile."

Alexis Mabille

Alexis Mabille 20 7 20 8
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© Alexis Mabille

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