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Alice in Wonderland shoes collection by Irregular Choice

Irregular Choice was created by Dan Sullivan in 1999 as a reason to stand out from the crowd. Back in the late 90's Dan saw that the footwear market was becoming very neutral and black, yet there was a global demand for something different and individual, something to wear with pride.

Born in London, England, and growing up on the Kings Road in the 70’s during the Punk era, Dan was fortunate enough to travel the world throughout the 70's and 80's with his family.

He loves travel for adding to his already extensive knowledge of what the rest of the world has to offer. The culture, architecture and foods were big influences for his first collection in 1999, and that’s where he got the inspiration for the split toe shoe, which is still incorporated into his designs today. Like the “Alice in Wonderland” shoes collection, an iconic and creative   attempt to push people to be unique, to break the ties with society's rules and live their lives as really want, wearing everything they want. Contrary to globalization, he draw shoes that are a cultural manifesto against the banality and insignificance of the modern world. The final details, so cool and perfect, of each shoe are all hand made by craftsmen like him believe that fashion is a dream to do with open eyes.

Dan doesn’t listen to what’s happening in the fashion industry or what another brand may be doing. This is what makes Irregular Choice designs completely unique and truthful. From embellished heels, ornate wood carvings, tiny intricate charms and lavish fabrics, to the memorable colour combinations, everybody has an Irregular Choice favourite shoe or story. 

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