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Allù Jewels, absolute beauty on the move

Wearing a creation by Allù Jewels is always an emotional experience really able to influence in any way throughout your day.

There is something magical, almost a propitiatory ritual in waking up in the morning and, before facing the world that awaits us out there with all its unknowns and unexpected possibilities, put yourself in front of the mirror and choose to wear one of the fabulous jewels designed by the artist Chiara Raimondi.

Almost a lucky charm or a special armor with which to feel beautiful and confident. Besides, their design is unique, scenic and spectacular and it could not be otherwise since they are an amazing expression of the great itaian craftsmanship, traditionally characterized by strokes of genius and creativity absolutely out of the ordinary. Sophisticated style and at the same time hyperbolic and inclined to grandeur although the lines are characterized by a resolute rigour as you can see in essential and geometric shapes. Absolutely iconic the materials used: they come from distant lands as Vietnam and China and, above all, they are the proof of the passionate love of this designer for research all around the world. She has a cosmopolite soul and

therefore she creates sophisticated, emotional and rich in memories jewelry that enclose a very personal idea of the Platonic Anima Mundi,

You can find them for sale in concept stores tied, ça va sans dire, to art and culture in Cortina, Capri, Rome, Milan, Catania and the Aeolian Islands, while personal showroom of this extraordinary artist who creates timeless masterpieces to be worn with love and awareness is based in her beloved Palermo, in Sicily.



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