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ALTA ROMA FASHION WEEK, International Couture

On Catwalk Abed Mahfouz, Daniela Danesi, Bailiss, Silvia Nobili, Paola Filippone, Emilio Ricci, Sofia Alemani, Giusy Donini Giujoux

International couture Fashion Show ended with great success, over a thousand of people were there to admire the catwalk organized by the Italian-Lebanese Cultural Institute, under the Patronage of the Embassy of Lebanon in Italy and during the Roman Fashion Week, Alta Roma in the prestigious "Set Roma Antica" at Cinecittà studios. The "International Couture" fashion show was a collective exhibition of International and Italian designers, some of them have already taken part in the past editions in Alta Roma calendar and others came from the catwalks of the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week to show their last creations at International Couture Fashion Show. The designers have crossed the Mediterranean and came from Beirut, from Moscow, from Milan and from Lucca without forgetting the historical Palermo, the Royal Naples and the Imperial Rome. All of them arrived in Alta Roma. On catwalk Abed Mahfouz, Daniela Danesi, Bailiss, Silvia Nobili, Paola Filippone, Emilio Ricci, Sofia Alemani, Giusy Donini Giujoux.

In this first edition of “International Couture” in the prestigious Antica Roma Set breath taking location the opening was by the designer Daniela Danesi, a visionary instinctive fashion from which creativity and style are born, she presented a collection of 15 dresses on the catwalk of International Couture entitled "Sartorial Art Partenopea". This collection is freely inspired by dreams, ideas and colours of modern art, also inspired by some imaginary women met by chance in the street. A whirlwind of emotions arising from the passion in dressing women with fine fabrics and high-quality workmanship from the best made in Italy textile companies. The Art of Daniela Danesi was defined as "Alta Moda Napoletana, the artisan tailoring par excellence". For thirty years an elite of women wears Daniela Danesi to stand out from the banality looking for uniqueness and class. Second on catwalk, discovered by Fashion Curator, Vernonica Sheynina, Bailiss, after the success during the Monte-Carlo fashion week 2018, Atelier Bailiss based in Moscow, is back to the European catwalks highlighting on the Alta Roma couture Fashion Week. Bailiss showed during Internationale Couture, 15 outfits from the collection “Fantasie Impromptu”.  Then the "DREAM" (SogNo) collection inspired by the beautiful Rome was presented by Silvia Nobili, a young designer of only 27 years. On International Couture catwalk 15 gorgeous dresses that recall the Roman splendour thanks to the glitz of the sequins in contrast with the serenity of the silk that recalls the refined elegance. The selection of colours as calm blues, browns and greens are responsible for simpler yet elegant images. However, the radiant shade of lavender, frank fuchsia and glowing red make their appearance in the most significant pieces in the collection. The "Dream" collection is for a woman with a romantic, refined image who loves to dare through clothes and who loves transparencies but with delicacy and elegance. The sensual softness of the shapes gives a classic image, with a clean cut. In her creations, Silvia Nobili loves to play with fabrics, alternating stripes and dots inserting embroidered lace and silk, maintaining her own personal and recognizable style. Silvia Nobili take part to the programme Fashion Academy RAI2 “Dettofatto” with Caterina Balivo and Giovanni Ciacci, as “Fashion Tutor”.  Followed by Paola Filippone with her brand “Paolè” coming directly to Alta Roma from the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week, she choosen to participate at International Couture to show her tailoring creations that recall the colours of her land, Sicily. Paola Filippone exhibited 12 dresses from the collection called “Sicily Colours”. The woman Paolè amazes and seduces with her femininity, sweetness, serenity and sensuality.  Paola Filippone dresses stand out for the tailor cuts, for the colours combination and for the mixture of fabrics, such as georgette, chiffon and silk satin. Paola Filippone has managed to turn her passion into a profession and an art. The complicated Palermo was her starting point and the whole world is her target. Fashion shows continuing on Internationale Courture catawalk with Emilio Ricci outfits and Giusy Donini Accessories Giujoux. Based in Rome, Emilio Ricci presented at International Couture, 13 dresses from the A / W 2018-19 - Eco sustainable collection, entitled “My Natural Dream”. After 15 years of research and experimentation, the designer Emilio Ricci is proud to present garments made of natural fibres and colours that bring wellness to the body and respect the environment, thanks to the use of yarns derived from raw materials widely present in nature and thanks to their healthy characteristics for the body. Giusy Donini presented on the International Couture catwalk a capsule of 10 unique pieces from the GIUJOUXaccessories collection. The name is a mix between Giusy and bijoux and all the creations follow the Philosophy of designer Giusy Donini: "All women, at any age, want and must feel unique and to achieve this is enough a unique and unrepeatable accessory like my creations ". The GIUJOUX collection consists of handmade unique pieces with semiprecious stones, natural freshwater pearls, crystals, Swarovski stones and Japanese precision beads.  Architect Sofia Alemani, after various experiences in the field of architecture and art, she dedicated herself to her greatest passion, creating her own line of clothes. “Sofia Alemani Fashion Creative” a young label that today has several collections made up of a series of single hand-made and tailor-made creations. Significant were the rewards found in the "Muuse & Vogue Talents" competition organized by the magazine Vogue Italia. Sofia Alemani presents a capsule collection of 10 dresses with headdresses on the International Couture catwalk, entitled “The Earth Angels”.  Closing the runaway the International designer Abed Mahfouz, coming from Beirut, faithful to the Fashion Week of Alta Roma since 2002, presents the A / W 2018-19 collection called "Soul Enchantment”. On the catwalk of International Couture we admired 30 unique dresses in their style, signed Abed Mahfouz. The woman makes her choices driven by her soul. Abed Mahfouz in his collection "Soul Enchantment" understands the woman's need to feel beautiful, powerful and elegant, and her desire to charm. He created bold styles to meet with her high expectations and different colours to satisfy her wishes. Each design with its edgy lines reflects a certain personality, and the variety in the colors, the transition from the black to the silver, the gold, blue and much more colours, highlights its unique feature. A woman dressed in Abed Mahfouz is one who inspires, attracts and enchants.



Her Excellence Madame Mira Daher Lebanese Ambassador in Italy






ART DIRECTOR Rosanna Trinchese
GUEST RELATIONS Roberta Balestrieri
BEAUTY IMAGE Roberto Rosini
BEAUTY CREW Accademia Liliana Paduano




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