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Alta Roma Fashion Week «Victoria», MARINA CORAZZIARI

MARINA CORAZZIARI a very famous jewelry designer known internationally, set designer and curator of prestigious exhibitions and events. Daughter of art, comes from a family of architects. Expert teacher for "history of the jewel" in different Institutes. A woman with an eclectic and Mediterranean style, she fuses with elegant mastery in the creation of her "JEWELERY-SCULPTURE", real collector's unique pieces, works of art on a reduced scale that surpass the superfluous horizon to reach deeper meanings that they imply the exquisite subtlety of form and being. Marina Corazziari presents the PASSION NOIREcollection for the S/S 2018. A woman with an austere and regal style is paraded on the catwalk of "Vittoria", where the black dress is imposed with the Giaietto, the black stone par excellence. A collection of jewels made up of butterflies and flowers, precious stones and colorful pearls with sparkling sheen that are the result of all kinds of fantasies. One feels a desire for freedom that was denied by the morality of the age and lived only thanks to dreams. The collection entitled PASSION NOIRE by Marina Corazziari is a tribute to Queen Victoria

The "Victoria" event included in the Alta Roma Fashion Week calendar shows a woman on the catwalk aware of her charm and in love with life as Queen Victoria was. "A strong and courageous woman who has defied the rules of her time, a beloved woman who did not compromise". In the prestigious location of Palazzo Montemartini Palace Rome, four designers Abed Mahfouz, Cinzia Ferri, Marina Corazziari and Vanessa Villafane present their S/S 2018 collections through a traditional fashion show at the "Victoria" event - during the fashion week of Alta Roma - instead the new entry Debora Lo Magno exposes a tableau vivant.

In addition to fashion "Vcitoria" presents an installation of Floral Art, "The Victoria's way" created by the Floral designer GABRIELA GRANDI, by Copihue Floral Studio. Gabriela Grandi with her sophisticated and unconventional stylistic peculiarity has studied a mix between the late Victorian retro-chic design and the essential contemporary one, to interpret the movement and vision typical of Queen Victoria. There are three installations created by the Floral Designer Gabriela Grandi and exhibited in the Montemartini Palace Rome location during the "Victoria" event. The look of the models is cured in every detail by the team of Make-up Academy – Face Place by Pablo Gil Cagné and Gennaro Diana.

At the end of the event, Carlo Dugo, Italian Ambassador of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles Wine & Spirits, will be present with a selection from his wine cellars through the ENOSIS SRL Representative Agency.

The "Victoria" event contains everything that could be trendy, like a Gala dress or simply the cocktail one, also the bride, the sculpture jewels, the floral installations and the fine wines. Present the event the conductor Valeria Openheimer dressed by EMILIO RICCI, the designer who likes to define himself above all a passionate naturalist committed to producing garments with natural fabrics, pioneers in Italy and ambassador to the world of eco-fashion sustainable or respectful of both man and the environment.


By Maria Christina Rigano


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