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AltaRoma 2016, Giada Curti collezione SS 2016


Giada Curti for his collection S / S 2016, entitled "The Divine Marchesa", was entrusted to the fascinations of retro marvelous age presenting, at the St. Regis Hotel, part of the week of haute couture Italian that will conclude tomorrow evening, a series of dresses inspired by the legendary figure of the Marchesa Luisa Casati.

Giada Curti pursues with heartfelt passion and a heated imagination the steps of this iconic beauty from the busy life and his passion for them, imagining an Atlantis of beauty so far as to venture lost and, therefore, with his clothes, in the Venice of ' Art Deco with 21 put high fashion magical allure and persuasive.

Everything is a whisper of grace and femininity with a delicate overlays and transparency games that suggest, but do not reveal anything, to leave room for imagination, as they used to do before. Precious fabrics chosen by the couturier, among many cite the beloved lace rebrodè applied dressing gowns in satin for a so boudoire intriguing and sensual, especially in color contrast, more chic and sophisticated, between the white and the black leaders of great class and harmony, faithful to the inspiration of the collection until the wedding, romantic, chic, inspired by Giovanni Boldini, another great protagonist of quell'Atlantide lost charming that Giada Curti recovers, or adapt modern styles and codes in a collection that can be admired love and thanks to the exciting memoires that is capable of arousing.

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