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AltaRoma, Accademia Italiana final work 2017

No gender, iconic, extravagant, but also sensual and glamorous and at the same time refined and elegant.

Final work created by studentis of the Accademia Italiana own the great value to capture attention of people thanks their excellent sartoriality, fresh and innovative design and the bonf beauty to which many students add, for fure divertissement, some coupe de theatre, in the sign of irony and will to consider Fashion like a form of art but also like a play.

By yer the Accademia Italiana learn secrets of couture to its students with masterful desidere to create new prepared taents and, looking at harmony between colors, fabrics and shapes choosen beside transparencies, overlays, embroderies and falls of maxi volants, also this time has done good work.


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