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AltaRoma, Accademia Koefia final works

Accademia Koefia presents collection realized by its 46 young talents of the third year and inspiredo the STREET, with its styles, rhythms and its circus performers of Fellini's memory. Dominant theme is Denim, customed, embroidered, painted and mixed with other materials. It is the underlying theme of the stories told on the catwalk. This story comes to life on the road, first true connective tissue of a civilization totally physical, tangible and constantly expanding.

Because the street has always been an ongoing roadshow which tells the big circus of life and of everyday life, like that of Rome: the eternal city, loved and cursed.

Denim, enriched by details, embroideries and many treatments on itself, for the young fashion designer of Koefia is a language to use, to wear and to combinewith other influences, as we have already had the opportunity to admire in the atelier of the Koefia, a few days before the show when the 46 students were struggling with the last precious finishing touches, absoltelt totally realized by hand, with patience, passion and talent, in the sign of real Haute Couture of which this prestigious Academy represents in Rome one of the most sublime example.

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