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AltaRoma Alta Moda, Roman’s Romance – The Exhibition

AltaRoma, in collaboration with Rinascente, is proud to present “Roman’s Romance – The Exhibition”, a project intended to celebrate the creations inspired and stimulated by the beauty and eternal charm of Rome. The goal is to highlight how haute couture houses, luxury brands, theatrical tailor’s shops and emerging talents have developed and interpreted the magic of the Eternal City, without overlooking the know-how which Roman artisans can offer to designers even today. Hosted in the beautiful setting of the Exhibition Area of the brand new Rinascente store located in via del Tritone, against the backdrop of the Aqua Virgo aqueduct dating back to 19 BC (which still supplies water to the Trevi Fountain), the exhibition will present the essence of Roman style through the works of 25 fashion houses. Each of them will provide an iconic garment of their archives that best represents the values and magic of the Eternal City. 

The creatives and designers who helped organize this exhibition decided to describe their relationship with Rome through a variety of items: polychrome garments inspired by Roman marbles and Baroque golden decorations; clothes reminiscent of Ancient Rome; garments echoing the legendary contrast between the sacred and the profane; original items, such as the ones which belonged to Audrey Hepburn; garments inspired by “La Dolce Vita”; and the work resulting from the personal reinterpretation of Rome by the emerging designers whose careers started in the framework of Altaroma. 

Outfits: Andrè Laug, Annamode, Antonio Grimaldi, Camillo Bona, Caterina Gatta, Federica Tosi, Fendi, Gattinoni, Greta Boldini, Irene Galitzine, Jamal Taslaq, LodenTal, Luigi Borbone, Marco de Vincenzo, Marco Grisolia, Morfosis, Renato Balestra, Roberto Capucci, Sartoria Farani, Sartoria Tirelli, Stella Jean, Sylvio Giardina, Theodora Bak, Tiziano Guardini and Valentino.

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