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AltaRoma Alta Moda SS 2017, Camillo Bona

The White, the Divine, Purity, the Eternity of Beauty:  it is more than a need, it seems to be an exigency, almost an expression of hope. Camillo Bona casts a glance over Rome, a town now so outraged, and feels the quest for beauty, ready to reconsider it aknew.

He recalls the past lived and bequeated by the great historical masters when Haute Couture enjoyed its greatest splendor, and the town of Dolce Vita, soaked with the perfume of a lost elegance, was permeated by that triumphant Beauty.

Camillo Bona is not nostalgic of the past. Neither are his creations a work of citation.  The collection he presents is in fact the most personal one he has produced so far during his long and successful career in Haute Couture. It is the most mystic, contemporary, and long thought after collection.

In his work we may trace a veiled feeling of nostalgia and memories, however light, soft, and delicate as though the consideration of the past may act as a spur to reconstruct the present.

Camillo Bona reinterprets and proposes with great consistency the elegance of the Italian style going through a painstaking handwork: his is a kind of production that needs numerous work hours and complex textile applications that are the distinctive trait of his style and that of the Italian Haute Couture.

It is a collection that reveals the strong desire and hope that Rome and the world may again find a dimension of purity, and a new kind of beauty.

White is the primary color of a collection of 30 highly refined garments.  There are touches of rose, yellow, water green, and light blue hues. The last creation presented on the catwalk will be a wedding dress, that is, a unique piece, as per the designer’s tradition.

It is a hieratic, white, marblelike collection characterized by draped and plissè rythms. These are confronted with heavy fabrics like double-faced wools and cachemire or assembled with light linen, transparent chiffon, and a great quantity of raffia, and evoke forms and circular whirls and spirals typical of the Divine City.

Pearls, corals, and semiprecious many-facet stones cover the models’ necks like precious small collars, and are accompanied by fancy freestyle medallions.

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