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AltaRoma Alta Moda SS 2017, Giada Curti

A new, luxurious and impalpable Couture that Giada Curti is preparing to unveil on the AltaRoma's catwalk, suggested by the eclectic artist Lawrence Alma Tadema. Sartorial creations that echo noble and seductive intentions, inebriated by radiant light and ethereal femininity, in a dual shades game. Sumptuous Antiquities as the main theme of a line that is inspired by distant echoes, reinterpreted on the suggestion of an aesthetic symbolism of the fin the siecle.

The Giada Curti's collection, is thought in its entirety in honour of feminine beauty, almost a dreamlike vision well mixed with archaeological elements, it is aimed to honor the woman's body. The research and the description of the details are fundamental and accurate. Shining sets are the backdrop for the clothes in a glittering stage in which come to life the precious modern queens. Combination as the keyword in the balance of the garnments, among all the jackets overlapping long loose and impalpable dresses. Clever mix of materials and fabrics: silk Mikado, printed voile with floral motifs, shaded and bright sequins. The precious shoes created by Valentina Gallo, designer from the Venetian luxury brand, for the collection "Secret Garden" by Giada Curti, are entirely made in Italy with fine and selected materials, where the theme of flowers has been interpreted with crepe de chine. Traces of a refined elegance emerge from the contemporary jewelry by Alex Carelli, made with iron that contrasts the softness of the shape and the color of natural stones: aquamarine, fluorite, ametist, zircons, garnets and pearls, unique creations inspired by grandiose monumentality of Rome. Exclusive jewel bags in feathers, proudly made in Italy, where in a kaleidoscope of colors materialize and highlight  a refined femininity


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