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AltaRoma Alta Moda SS 2017, Marianna Cimini

A finalist in the prêt-à-porter category of “Who Is On Next? 2014”, Marianna Cimini returns to Rome to present her Fall/Winter 2017-2016 collection entitled ‘The Theory of Bamboo’. 

Japanese culture looks to nature as a source of wisdom. Bamboo is an important element of inspiration. This plant, although slight and delicate in appearance, hides deep roots and symbolizes tenacity, vitality and balance. Its sleek stem from the thin pale green leaves, despite the fragile appearance, can reach considerable heights and is able to face any storm — bending but never breaking. MARIANNA CIMINI Fall-Winter 2017 | 18 collection therefore chose this simple shrub for its all-over prints not only as a figurative component but as a symbolic message. The woman for MARIANNA CIMINI, like bamboo, acquires strengths through her own fragility. She is a dreamer who does not lose sight of reality, and is always able to transform the difficulties in starting points. These qualities are represented through the continuity of the graphic printing in which the rigor of black finds its balance in the purity of white. The colors of the collection are modulated by following this sort of "Bamboo Theory” according to which the negative becomes positive. The red Bordeaux of the cottons and velvets brightens up in the light as if it was crossed by the vitality of the earth from which the stems of bamboo push upwards, courageously defying heights. The background blurs in the china blue color of a sky animated by the flight of hummingbirds, hardworking and cheerful in their brilliant colors. The lines of the velvet dresses and the nylon jackets are simple and drop down elegantly and tastefully. The austerity and simplicity of the shapes are softened by ribbons and bows, while the ribs along the supple bamboo stems are drawn from details of pretty ruffles and the stitching. A bit dreamy and a bit warrior, the woman of MARIANNA CIMINI Fall-Winter 2017 | 18 Collection shows up with  the strong and simple lightness that bamboo teaches launching her very precise message to a society which is still struggling to recognize her role . She does it so gracefully, without excesses and without resor

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