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AltaRoma, Clorofilìa by Marco Grisolia

In keeping with its focus on the fusion of styles and cultures, the Altaroma calendar of events features an initiative in which fashion, photography and the city interact, strengthening one another to highlight the incalculable value of a unique creative production. 

An all-absorbing performance becomes an interpretation tool for Marco Grisolia’s seasonless capsule collection and for Marco D'Amico’s photo series, highlighting the need to build a responsible interaction between Man and Nature, a new concept of evolution, essential and necessary to our existence. Nature timing and its soft evolving are the centre of a dual aesthetic concept: light ideologically defines time, while colours reaffirm its symbolic meaning. The spacious dimensions of the Monitor Gallery of Rome become a contemporary natural reserve, where botanical elements created by Antonio Panella harmoniously blend with digital, photographic and audio superstructures, to create a temporal journey through dawn, zenith, twilight and night. A dimension that inherits the real landscape of a natural park and its vigorous inhabitants, i.e. shrubs, transforms their meanings into new destabilizing aesthetic frames and cyclically shows the passing of time through a visual and auditory narrative. The sound performance is signed by American musician John B. Arnold, whose sublimated and cyclic sensory explorations alternate through the auditory narrative.  

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