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AltaRoma F/W 2018-19, Sabrina Persechino

Through the aesthetic analysis of contemporary works such as the Next Gene 20 Project and the Beirut Masterplan, without neglecting references to classical architecture thanks to the vector decorations of the Hellenic friezes, Sabrina Persechino creates a haute couture fall / winter collection 2018/19 decidedly sculptural and in the sign of the optic.

Architectures lasered, cleverly cracked, which let glimpse and perceive the interior spaces without ever fully disclosing them. The elevations become true optical textures, in which the sequence or the regularity observed in space describes a drawing, a model, a more or less recurrent pattern, a repetitive structure, in short: a geometric pattern.

Interesting combinations of color in contrast, especially the turmeric opposite to the green and while the black and white are total, pure and absolute, impossible to not admire the clever carvings that give an unprecedented lightness to capes and long evening dress.

Inspiration: Optical Art
Lengths: all for both pants and outerwear and evening dresses
Amplitude: wraparound to draw the silhouette through rigorous cuts
Colors. white, black, green, red, coral, orange, taupe,
Fabrics: cashmere, faillee, tasmania, silk crepe



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