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AltaRoma, IED final works 2017

IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) during AltaRoma showed its team of young talents with a marked identity. Good sign. In each of them it is possible to see not only a bond sacred flame, but, above all, a passionate love for craftsmanship, modelling and tailoring combined with a strong design that want to leave its mark thanks sculptural volumes, asymmetries and color and material contrasts capable to leave an impressive sign.

These new talents are like an orchestra that sounds at unison the same symphony: Although all dresses are the result of disparate inspirations, it is as if they were creating by just one fashion designer that loves to be so versatile to please and make beautiful every woman. So it goes from sexy to ptical, casual chic until romantic tout court and a bon chic bon genre style moderated by original accessoires with a bìgreat visual impact. Like always, IED does not disappoint and even this year has hit the mark with fashion works in the sign of research and experimentation, but also of elegance and couture. 

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