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AltaRoma, Sabrina Persechino F/W 2017-18

The new haute couture fall/winter collection 2017-18 by Sabrina Persechino tries happily to emulate rewinding of a tape or repetition of waves in a perpetual motion

The same crest that defines the profile of water and marks time, the so called  "period" of  waves that follow to disappear at the horizon. And yet re-wind, replaying wind and oscillations that hit bodies it meets blowing.

Waves, such as distortion of space and time, a sinuous trend that draws contemporary architectural prospects, such as Curved Buildings at Galaxy Soho, designed by Zaha Hadid.

It's water movements to inspire Sabrina Persechino in this collection that interprets and describes waves’s propagation physical phenomenon, translating it into dresses through colors and shapes, and so to circular waves, whose wavelength is a circumference and propagate in concentric circles around the source, are inspired sea-water color clothes with leather and graphite wires to emphasize the nude shoulders and backs silk free but with large wavy sleeves for the overcoat; at flat waves, with wavefront described by straight line, the same produced in water by a vibrant lamina, is the inspiration ocher’s dresses with straight and parallel folds; to spherical waves, that propagate uniformly in space in every directions and which the shape of wavefront is a sphere, are inspired the velvet and silk blacks dresses; such as the sun’s reflection on moving water are inspired the bronze’s brilliant pailletes and gabardine wool outfit leather’s finishings.  

The result is a sinuous propagation that emphasize female’s silhouette with soft and delicate movements for a sober and elegant collection that privileges garments’ s wearability.


Mood: Rewind of shapes and colors
Lenght: long
Breadth: skinny or comfy for dresses and pants
Colors: silver, black, white, brown, grey
Fabrics: crepe, woo, organza, silk

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