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ALYSI, a fashion boundless curiosity

ALYSI woman loves experimenting and being curious. Contemporary, eclectic and refined, she is able to make sophisticated even the most urban every day life.

Curiosity is an attitude, an instinct.

Being curious induces ALYSI to steal with its eyes, to seize the slightest change, a particular texture or a new yarn and being fascinated and caught by the most unusual combinations of colour and material.

The constant researching, discovering and surprising it's the guide during the creation of each new ALYSI collection.

A boundless curiosity is the essence of its work and characterizes its creations like those really striking and metropolitan chic belonging to the fall/winter collection 2017-18, characterized by over volumes that enhance a silhouette purposely androgynous, rigorous and, at the same time, eclectic, capable to surprise with coupe de theatre like in refined shirt with maxi ballon sleeves, elegant glitter dresses combined with sneakers and outwear with skilfully tailoring cuts. All for a modern woman who lives her time in her own way, dearly, marking it with her strong and bold personality.

Finally, a big tick for its new advertising campaign with refined black & white portraits of a fresh, innovative and original fall/winter collection.

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