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Amato Daniele presenta una collezione FW 2018/19 ispirata ad una Londra anni ’50

Amato Daniele Fall-Winter 2018/19 collection is inspired to the 50s in London. Black and white are the main colors coupled with plain-colored pieces in a trendy Ultra Violet.

Two completely different worlds that meet up and learn how to co-exist. Colors, shapes, moods that may seem far cry from each-other, but actually enrich and enhanched mutually.

With his collection pieces, Amato Daniele shows us several aspects: elegance and opulence that mix up with enthusiasm and creativity to represent the two sides of London in those years. The classic black&white coexists with gaudy colors forerunnes of the emerging Pop era and of the 60s Swinging London.

The general mood is refined as usual; the vintage calling is clear and visible both in the collection’s aura and the presented models, which were selected from the company’s historic archive and redesigned with modern taste.

The main aim of the collection is to take inspiration from the past and celebrate the long history and familiar tradition of the company: milestones in the designer’s formation.

The chosen materials, from velvet to lace, instill the consolidated aura of luxury and originality to the collection.

The fur capsule has now gained a dominant position becoming a pillar of the collection.

In addition to shoes, bags and accessories for this Fall-Winter Collection the designer has decided to add fur coats to complete the outfits. Jackets, capes and gilet: unique pieces in mink, lapin and fox impressive for their versatility and the high attention to details.

Thanks to this addition, the designer is finally able to complete the brand offer and satisfy his clients’ needs by presenting Amato Daniele total looks from head to toe that are perfect for everybody’s taste.

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