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Ambrogina, an iconic and glamorous style ... all Made in Italy


Veronica Parwin is a young designer who creates and produces very elegant, feminine and modern bags.
Her collections are distinguished by the attention to detail and the rigor of the selection of the materials used, all rigorously Made in Italy.

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From stylistic research to production, nothing is left to chance and in total respect for the environment.
The style of her brand is timeless and reflects the personality of the women who choose her collections. From a simple shape, the bags signed by Veronica Parwin are distinguished by elegance and attention to detail.
The iconic "Ambrogina" collection takes its name from her city, as if to personalize a defined, glamorous and elegant style.

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The Ambrogine are bags for all those women who do not want to give up elegance and who like to stand out for their style.
Available in the official store of the Veronica Parwin brand, the Ambrogine are available in an infinite range of colors.

© Veronica Parwin

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