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An eye for Chanel HRH Princess Leona Magaloff’s Collection

Auction on Monday 18 March 2019 at Drouot
On the upcoming 18 March, auction house Gros & Delettrez, in association with Chombert & Sternbach, will offer a sale entirely dedicated to Chanel’s creations from Princess Leona Magaloff’s former collection. The singer, who notably performed during Salzbourg’s festival and at the Volksoper of Vienna, settled in Paris during the 60’s to pursue her passion for fashion. Jewels and accessories compose this exceptional collection, showing the unique savoir-faire of the brand and its collaboration with prominent designers such as Victoire de Castellane, Robert Goosens or Maison Gripoix.

Robert Goossens, goldsmith of Gabrielle Chanel
Robert Goossens (1927-2016) started working at Chanel in the 50’s after having collaborated at Cartier. Internally, he rapidly became « Monsieur Bijou » and the master of costume jewelry. He was fascinated by the Antiquity period and draw his inspiration from Byzantine, Visigoth or Etruscan cultures to create jewels enhanced with glass, imitating pearls, strass, rubies or sapphires.

Victoire de Castellane, jeweler for Chanel
Victoire de Castellane started her career in 1984 alongside Karl Lagerfeld. She worked for Chanel until 1998. First, she was a studio assistant, but quickly became responsible for Chanel’s costume jewelry. She brought to the brand her fantastic and playful touch with a reference to Pop culture. After 14 years at Chanel, she joined Dior and became the creative director of Christian Dior’s fine jewelry section.

Gripoix House for Chanel
Gripoix was created by Augustine Gripoix in 1869, who had previously worked in Haute-Couture and notably at Chanel. In 1970, she acquired the Gasse company which produced glass paste, and started to create her own savoir-faire.

Founded in  1852 Drouot is the largest auction place in the world ever since. The institution now gathers 62 auction houses and hosted 578 auctions during the first half of 2018 that totalled  €195,3 M. Each year, Drouot_ welcomes  500,000 visitors, who browse though the 17 salesrooms which feature the works of art from over 21 categories, from antiquities to street art

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