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An oasis on the roof

Although the idea of ​​a roof garden can evoke visions of wrought iron and lush vegetation, the extraordinary top floor and outdoor terrace of the El Palace Barcelona, ​​the Diana Garden, is all that but much more. Five different environments allow you to admire the panorama from above, literally. Pergolas, fountains, ponds, plants, (over 50 varieties of flora, in fact), a restaurant specialized in haute cuisine, and a solarium where the magic rises at sunset, come together for a quiet escape from the hubbub of the city. And with such an offer to keep every sense busy, it will be difficult to imagine being able to reconnect to the real world below. Jewel of the crown of the El Palace Barcelona, ​​the roof was designed as a broad invitation to stimulate the senses of sight, hearing, smell and touch.

Looking closely enough, you can see small details, discrete tributes dedicated to the historic city. Enjoy a glass of cava under the Pergola Ciutadella, whose design is inspired by the Umbracle, a centuries-old tropical sierra in the city's oldest park. At the Sagrada Familia Pergola, which owes its name to the famous church of Antoni Gaudí, delicate aromas of orange blossom surround a sculpture of Diana in homage to the monument of the Roman goddess who stands on the Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes. A strategically placed telescope allows guests a close view of the real Sagrada Familia.

The outdoor pool, the pearl of the oasis on the roof, was designed by the original owner of the hotel, César Ritz, and inspired by the Roman baths. Admire all of Barcelona from your bamboo armchair in the elegant Winter Garden restaurant. The cast iron furnishings are inspired by ancient designs, while the armchairs date back to the early 20th century. Indulge yourself in a totalitarian experience at the highest point of the hotel, the solarium, where at the end of the day this place of relaxation on top of the city promises a perfect view of a sparkling sunset.

Sweet aromas and colors come to life at every step between the thriving games of plants and waterways. At the Diana Garden of El Palace Barcelona, ​​the city is always in full bloom.

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