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André Laude

“Luxe, délicatessen & tradition” is the motto of  André LAUDE, a totally Made in France company located at Caudry, a land very famous for its laces. In fact here you can vicsit a special museum, “The Museum of Lace of Caudry”. We are not so far from Calais that is the mondial capital of lace and here everything talks about harmony, craftsmanship, sophistication and charm. Form centuries. The André LAUDE company was founded in 1850 by Stephanie LAUDE.

In the memories of the grandchidren, from the very beginning, grandfather pushed our company forward by encouraging daring and creativity in all forms. He had already figured out that we are the craftsmen of excellence.

Today there are in his company so many artisans, man of gold that realize amazing products destinated to a demanding customer. It is possible thnak craftmanship and a fresh, innovative and winner team able to create laces so beautiful that they look like almost tapestries.

Nevertheless, it’s our grandfather, Mr Andre LAUDE (he gave his name to the company) and our fathers Gilbert and Jean Marie developed sales in far East, USA.

Having taken over from their fathers, Jean Pascal and Xavier LAUDE, the sixth generation, have overseen the family company for more 20 years, collaborating with the greatest fashion houses worldwide.

So, generaton after generation, the company continues to carry the torch of the beauty because it's impossible don't be enchanted watching such fabrics masterpieces. This company has an unique know-how in the world, build step by step since 1850 and year after year everything has become always more perfect and the entire world is always waiting for discovering the refinement of the next collection signed by André LAUDE.

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