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Andy Warhol Spring Pop exhibition

Hosted by AICA, the cutting edge modern and contemporary Art Gallery in Milan,  the special exhibition “Andy Warhol. Spring Pop” will run until 25 june 2016.Among the works on display, it can admire masterpieces like “Uncle Sam” (1981) inspired by the myths of the american imagination, the silk-screen printings of Marilyn Monroe and “Vesuvius” (1985)  that is the printing versions of Vesuvius made during his years in Naples when Andy Warhol was guest of the famous gallery owner Lucio Amelio.

Among the most admired works are the charcoal drawings, mostly unpublished that characterize the activity of the early years of the always eccentric Andy Warhol as an illustrator for magazines and newspapers. Sketches in black and white, absolutely without any kind of colors: their inspiration technique was blotted-line, still much used by modern artists. However it is with the series of transparencies, photographic negatives made by connecting the camera to a computer, which Andy warhol with its Pop Art always attracted the greatest attention of the people: he wanted to sell paintings, ended up selling himself to pure greed or, as he liked to say, “for 15 minutes of fame”... 

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